Tam McPherson

Approximately 17 years ago Mr McPherson accompanied by his wife was on holiday in Italy when he became unwell, he was 60 years of age at the time of this illness. He returned to the UK for medical treatment and as a result of his illness he was left with limited mobility. This curtailed the life that he had previously enjoyed and he could no longer get out and about as he was only able to walk a short distance. This led to him being depressed and obviously his relationships suffered. His wife then read an article about Shopmobility Paisley and District (SPD) and how beneficial it could be for people who had mobility difficulties being able to participate in everyday activities whilst using mobility scooters.

Consequently Mr McPherson came to SPD, became a member of the charity and was given training on how to operate a mobility scooter safely. Mr McPherson hired mobility scooters weekly from SPD from then until his death earlier this year (March 2015) . He also hired our small travel scooters and was able to continue to enjoy foreign holidays. He was so delighted with the service that we offered that both he and his wife organised an annual fundraising event so that we could continue our work. He maintained that SPD extended his life by bringing him back into the community and allowing him to enjoy everyday normal activities.

When Mr McPherson joined our charity he was trained by a volunteer named Scott Longwill and always insisted that Scott gave him back his life. Scott is still volunteering with us and was recognised for his volunteering efforts by being a Commonwealth Games baton relay runner.