The following is an extract from a written Testimonial by one of our Users this is posted

with his permission.

“Without this service my quality of life is limited to the boundaries of my home, with Shopmobility I have the opportunity to be a part of society in person rather than a

spectator from a window.

My life has been transformed by the kindness and sincerity of this service and a pleasure

to talk or have a coffee while waiting for a taxi after a well spent few hours enjoying

shopping as well as this beautiful town.

Thank you for that opportunity to live life again with freshness. Believe.”

Yours faithfully

Kevin 2018

Kevin’s partner Gillian also wanted me to add that accessing our service has led to a vast improvement in Kevin’s mood over the past months.

It’s nice to be appreciated!!!

Latest News

We have now completed the refurbishment of the Office and the office is looking great, next stage is to update the Office PC this should be done within the next couple of weeks.

As always thanks to the dedicated Volunteer’s, Director’s for all the hard work to keep Shopmobility running

ShopMobility AGM

Thanks to all who attended Paisley Shopmobility AGM yesterday special thanks to Les Fernie for the interesting talk he gave on how he came to be a member of Shopmobility.
Thanks to Karen Miller of Engage for being the Guest Chair.
As always a special thank you to Scott, Jim, Lyndsey, and David our Volunteers for the sterling work they do to keep us going.
And lastly thanks to Ronin of the Mary Russell school who is doing work experience with us for his talk.